The Pelham Public Library has two newsletters that we maintain:

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This one is used for events, and general library information (it will also be how we let patrons know of any emergency library closures). There are three different newsletters within it, so you can tailor your preferences:

Postcard - This one goes out at the beginning of the week, and highlights one thing going on that week (be it a program, a library closure, et cetera)

Adult Monthly - This one goes out on the first of the month, and lists all the adult programs going on that month (as well as our standing programs like book club)

Kids/Teen Monthly - This one goes out on the second of the month, and lists all the programs for kids and teens that is scheduled for that month (as well as all the standing programs like storytimes)


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This email goes on Saturdays, and lists all the new materials the library has acquired in the past week. You can also click on any of the items, and be taken directly to the catalog to put a hold on it.