Computer Club

Meeting the second Tuesday of every month from 10am to 11am.  Open to everyone of all knowledge and skill levels.  No sign-up required.


Our Favorite Programs



CCleaner - Clears out junk that may slow you down
CPU-Z - Identifies components
HWMonitor - Displays sensor information


Malware and Virus Protection

Microsoft Security Essentials
Emsisoft Emergency Kit (at page bottom)

Open Source Software

Ubuntu - Operating System
GIMP - Image Editing



Keepass - Creates and stores passwords securely.
Bitwarden - Encrypted, private cloud based password wallet.
Diceware - Create random, strong yet memorable passwords.



CD Burner XP - Burn anything to disc completely free.



Inpics - Tutorials for Open Office, MS Office and Web Development with lots of pictures

GCF Learning - Tutorials for MacOSX, Facebook, Google Docs and more.

Microsoft Training - Videos and lessons for using Microsoft Office products

W3Schools - Tutorials for web development